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Testimonials from Clients

Received From:
Dave Hyson

Dear Chuck,

I would like thank you once again for providing me with the opportunity to attend your program on February 9th, 2006. The motivation and education Ii received at this event was phenomenal! The two short days I spent at this event took my understanding of real estate investing to a new level.

I have been to events of this kind in the past, all of which cost more and failed to provide me with the clear answer to "What do I do to solve my seller's problem". It is difficult to sell something you do not have confidence in. As a real estate investor, a solution to a difficult situation is our product. Before this course, I was not confident that I knew what to do to solve my seller's problem. I only knew the mechanics of how to buy their house. There are a lot of people out there who know how to buy houses that can't solve my sellers' problems.

Not only did you explain how to get the job done in everyday language, you also made it clear that the support team is key to being as productive as possible. In addition, you made your resources available to assist us in building our businesses, and they are actually interested in helping us as well, as opposed to just selling us merchandise.

I have never left a seminar with such a clear picture of what I need to do to succeed in real estat investing. The critical difference that set this seminar apart from others I've attended is the emphasis you put on not only understanding the seller's situation but on caring about it as well. You really do care about your clients (both the people you buy houses from and those you train), and that's what makes you successful. In all honesty, te way you treat your clients makes you a success even if you never made a dime at it.

Thanks Chuck!

-Dave Hyson

Hope 4 U 2 Properties


My Next letter is going to have a huge check attached to it.

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