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Always Be closing's

C4 Program

" ABC's C4 Program is the missing piece. I was doing it all wrong before I joined. I can't believe I thought I knew what wholesaling was..."

                                                                                                                   ~Danny Aura - C4 Student

What is the 

The C4 Coaching Community?

No, not the explosive.

We're talking about our

Cold Calling & Coaching Community


1. C4 cultivates a vibrant and cohesive community of real estate entrepreneurs, fostering support and collaboration.


2. Gain privileged entry to an array of specialized training, invaluable resources, and unwavering support.

3. Harness the power of synergy by joining forces with fellow wholesalers, and propelling your business to new heights.

4. Tap into the wealth of wisdom and guidance from seasoned entrepreneurs, receiving constructive feedback and invaluable advice.





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That's it.
Plain and Simple.
This isn't Rocket Science.
Real Estate.

Start Your Journey

Choose Your Path

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C4 Trainee


*Recurring Monthly*

Perfect for the ambitious newbie investor who is looking to get their foot in the door.

Whether you have aspirations of establishing or expanding a comprehensive acquisition and disposition enterprise, this program will cater to you effectively. It is an ideal choice for both existing business owners and individuals seeking to launch their own ventures.

  • Accountability check-ins and progress reports from a success counselor to ensure optimal progress and success.


  • Your own auto-dialer to maximize your outreach to distressed sellers.


  • Weekly group sessions with fellow student peers and C4 coaches.


  • Access to pre recorded lesson plans, audio courses, and live stream lessons for student review.


  • Discount on your monthly software fee. With full payment as escrow on whatever deals you close!


  • Access to our associated Facebook & Discord community.

Most Popular!

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C4 Demolitions Expert


*Recurring Monthly*

Hunger personified. That's what you are.


You’re not looking for a snack, you wanna take down the whole buffet. 


Tailor-made for ambitious entrepreneurs who crave seven-figure success, aim to expand their workforce, and yearn for our expertly crafted solutions that cater to their every need.

  • Access to additional  software to increase conversion rate of prospecting.


  • Monthly one on one sessions with a success mentor to be scheduled by the student at their discretion. 


  • Better deal splits, with the option to renegotiate your deal split after your 3rd deal closed!


  • Unlimited leads! Call as much as you want.


  • Unlimited skip tracing! Save yourself the headache and let us do it for you.


  • All of the previous tiers perks.

Still Not Convinced?

Check out this free case study

The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with One Step.

Take that First Step with us Today and

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