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" of my biggest takeaways from this seminar is that this team is going to help me achieve my desired outcome in real estate..."
~ Nicky Rosa - C4 Student

Our Quarterly...

Turning Houses Seminar Sale!

Secure your seat to our next 2- Day Turning Houses Seminar on December 2nd- 3rd  tonight for a 25% discount on your ticket!



*One time payment*

  • 1 month of membership to our C4 Program, alongside all associated software.

  • Access to our Discord community server!

  • Access to pre recorded lesson plans, audio courses, and live stream lessons for review.

  • 25% discount on your desk set-up fee.

  • Up to 3 ongoing weekly consultations with a success coach.

  • A community of motivated and likeminded individuals on a journey towards financial freedom.

Our Turning houses seminar is the missing piece of your real estate education

But don't take OUR word for it...

Adam Pervez

C4 Student

Jordan Zuber

Event Organizer & Investor

Nicky Rosa

C4 Student

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