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Testimonials from Clients

Received From:
Lafi Abdeljaber

Dear Chuck,

The first time I attended the New Jersey Real Estate Investor's Club I was 17 years old on my way to becoming a real estate agent. It is there when I first met you, you spoke about flipping houses with no money down. Like everyone else, I was skeptical at first, I thought how can someone make so much money without spending any of their own. I kept attending the meetings and learning while I was not making nearly what I deserved as a Realtor.

After attending the meetings I realized that your passion for teaching and your hands-on approach was all the motivation I needed to make the money that my family and i deserve. I saved up enough money to attend the Turning Houses seminar and since then my life has never been the same. Within 3 months I had flipped my first house and made an incredible $24,055!

Since then I have closed 3 more deals and am working on 5 more. At 19 years old I am well on my way to making 6 figures, and that's all thanks to you! My friend, my mentor! you who wanted more than to see their students succeed. My deepest gratitude to you, thank you for walking me through step by step my path to millions!


Lafi Abdeljaber

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