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Testimonials from Clients

Received From:
Bart K. Vallaro

August 8th, 2007

Dear Chuck/Salvation Home Buyers,

I wanted to take this time to thank you and your "Team" for helping me realize my dream of becoming a Real Estate Investor AND small business owner. As you know I am a loan officer under Christopher Goodson, Esq. During my time working for Chris I became interested in the foreclosure market. I enrolled in many courses, including a course by Donald Trump. I spent close to $25,000 attempting to break into the foreclosure business. I found all of these to be way too de-centralized as they attempted to deal with the laws in EVERY state. It was more "filler" then anything else. Trying to extrapolate the information to use in New Jersey was near impossible. It seemed that every question led to the same answer. SPEND more money and buy this additional course.

Christopher Goodson Esq. had mentioned you and your course to me a few times. However, after spending close to $25,000 already I was very, very hesitant to spend anymore money. Not to mention I couldn't afford it! Thankfully, I am a persistent bastard and surrender is not in my creed!

Needless to say I enrolled in your course and was BLOWN AWAY by your sheer honesty and the simplicity of your program. Salvation not only showed me how to approach foreclosures with NO MONEY DOWN and BAD CREDIT, but you also handed me YOUR business plan to set-up my own foreclosure business AND credit Repair Company. Did I mention I have absolutely no schooling! That's right, all of this with a GED!

I close my first deal in under 60 days and made a staggering $43,000 thanks to you! I invested that money back into my new companies. Your Best Priced Home LLC. and AAA Credit Repair LLC! This was all made possible by you, Kristen Redmond and Tommy D. The Salvation Team. All of you were AWESOME with your help and CONTINUED guidance.

I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and God Bless You Always!

Bart L. Vallaro - President


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