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Testimonials from Clients

Received From:
AK Strasser


Thank you is not enough, By you sharing your talents, time and experience with us over the past few months you have encouraged amazing things in our lives. When we first started this "Real Estate Thing" we had a plan... You helped us put our plan into action! This "Real Estate Thing" has gone from something we thought we wanted to do... to something we are now doing on a daily basis.

Thank you for giving us the momentum to change our lives and the lives of our two children. Wonderful things are happening because you took the time, energy and effort to teach people how to WIN at this crazy Real Estate game. We are currently closing on a home that will net us a profit of 35k, working on 4 short sales and we just acquired 2 Two Family homes in PA! All of these properties we secured with $10 or LESS.

You gave us VISION as to the possibilities for our future. You armed us with the tools we needed to get the job done. Our present BHAG is for Allan to retire from his JOB in 4 years with a full pension and then become the S&S Home Buyer's power couple that we know we can be.

You are a blessing in our lives. We truly believe that nothing in this world happens by accident, meeting you at the NJREA Meeting in Hoboken was not an accident! We wish nothing but great things for you and your future with Kris. You are in our daily prayers and we look forward to doing great things with you in the future.

Your biggest fans,

Allan and Kristina Strasser

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