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Linton Gentles

Pastor Linton Gentles, father of 3 and wife to Natale Gentles.  – got involved with real estate at the age of 28.  “I was looking for a way to make money and replace my current income.  After taking several Boot camps and learning from all the GURU’s about investing in real estate.  I purchased my first homes with no money leveraging my own credit and that of my families.  Little did I know I was enrolling in a master’s course in the school of hard knocks!”  Buying homes and securing debt is NOT always the way to build wealth.  Not If you’re a newbie.

It was then in 2006, unable to afford heating oil, in what to this day I consider my darkest hour that I met Charles Kohout (Chuck).  I was in debt and behind on payments not only in my own name but in my mothers and my uncles as well.  I had been taken advantage of by unscrupulous real estate investors who sold me the dream witch rapidly became a nightmare.  To say I was distrusting of other investors at this point in my life would be an understatement to say the least.  To this day I struggle to understand how Charles broke down all the walls I had thrown up & why I trusted him.  But I’m glad did and I’m happy to say that we have become so much more than friends and business partners, we are family.    

It was an incredibly humbling situation to have Chuck buy, short sale & sell my properties.  But God works in mysterious ways and he only gives you what you can handle. This horrible situation was actually a gift from above, and how I found myself and my uncanny short sale ability.   And that’s all we can do in life, look for the silver lining count our blessing, no matter how they manifest themselves.

after resolving my real estate problems, I became incredibly curious and rather than receiving the few thousand dollars I was intitled to from the bank for short sailing my properties. I decided to give the money to Chuck and asked him to teach me his ways.  In was in spring 2007 that I attended one of Chuck’s 2 day turning houses courses.  Maybe it was easy for me to grasp because he used my properties as examples in the class?  But by 10PM Saturday night I had bought my first house subject to its existing debt and returned to class 8am Sunday morning with all the signed documents necessary to complete the transaction!  Ever since that day the whole world looked different to me.  I’m not saying there has not been ups and downs, but real estate has afforded me and my family a life that would be impossible working a 9-5

As a real estate investor since 2005 I have knocked on over 4000 doors, sent out hundreds of thousands of mailers and went on well over 2000 buying appointments, allowing me to purchase over 350 properties using the very creative real estate methods that helped me and countless other sellers avoid foreclosure.  

Fast forward to today, I have cultivated a level of short sale mastery most onley dream of & developed a system that will assist investors and students and aide them through the entire short sale process.  From acquisition to sale, the short sale process will take anywhere from 45days to 3moths.  If you follow through with the step by step instructions we provide you with, you will be able to buy, short and sell properties with no equity that most traditional investors walk away from.

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