Wholesale Manual

$ 30.00 USD

A system designed to generate massive income through buying and selling properties using little money and no credit.

This package includes:

◘ 9 Training Videos on Wholesale

◘ Real Estate Wholesale Manual

◘ All necessary legal documents that you need to cover your behinds

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Come attend this seminar on 7/29/2020. In this seminar we will cover some creative ways to raise capitol to fund your deals.

• Meeting at 6:30PM, officially starts at 7:00PM

• In person: 10 Banta Pl, Hackensack, NJ or Online Private Stream

• course covering how to raise a capitol for your deals and more

• Q&A, ask any questions, we have answers and solution for you.

Here are some of the topics we will cover. If you do not have any deals, don't worry we have plenty we can use to use for example.

♠ Analyze deal structure

♣ Complete break down of each steps

♥ Action Plan

♦ Question & Answers

All in person tickets are first come, first serve. Can’t make it in person but you don’t want to miss out on the information being shared? For $10 you can reserve your seat wherever you are comfortable, by purchasing the link to a private YouTube live that will air that Wednesday night for all the viewers at home. The link will be sent to your inbox the day of, and you can tune from wherever you chose to watch. In this small intimate setting, you are sure to walk away with new knowledge, polished knowledge, and the keys to really nailing wholesale deals.

Where: 10 Banta Place, Hackensack NJ

When: Wednesday, July 15th

Time: 6:30PM

So, what are you waiting for? Click the link to reserve your spot.

What topics are covered during TURNING HOUSES?

• Lead Generation- How to attract and prescreen sellers, so you never have to answer your phone again.

• Deal Structuring- Constructing and presenting offers faster than anyone else. Beating the competition to the punch. You do not have to be the smartest guy in the market, but the fastest. Minimizing the risk!

• Talking to Strangers- How to make conversations with any seller or anyone easy. Creating rapport using Chuck’s system. You don’t have to be good at making offers when you are good at letting people tell you what they want.

• Exit Strategies- What works in your area and your market. Selling fast in a down market. Structuring deals for quick paydays and knowing your way out fast. Creative financing, Maximizing profits and setting buyers up for success!

• Credit Restoration-United Credit Education Services. Build a whole list of qualified buyers in your area and get paid to do it.

• Documentation presented by Christopher J. Goodson, Esq. All the appropriate legal documentation broken down and then interpreted by an attorney so you know your butt is covered!

• Documentation Simplification, presented by Thomas DeVincenzo, Director of Operations, Salvation Home Buyers. All the appropriate paperwork simplified and idiot-proofed, so even a first grader can do it!

• Understanding the Mortgage Process, presented by two senior mortgage professionals. People don’t care what they pay for a house, they just want to know how they can afford it. Understand the basic programs and increase your sales by 50%.

• Mastering Your Market, presented by Alex Schiller, ADS Marketing Resources. Branding your image, leaving a lasting impression. Understanding all the principals you need to know in order to make your phone ring off the hook.

• Pre-Foreclosure Lists, Do your courthouse research at home, presented by American Foreclosures Magazine. Understanding the mortgage process and how to get updates pre-foreclosure lists without leaving your home.

• What to do with the money when you make it? presented by Carmine Corino, Certified Financial Planner. Corporate structuring, tax planning, asset protection, health insurance and other conundrums of being self employed. Self-directed IRA, making money on deals TAX-FREE for life!