Do you have a deal you want advice on? Are you having trouble figuring out the nitty gritty of the proper paperwork and how to close? Or do you just need business or life advice from someone who has dealt with and conquered many situations. We at Always Be Closing have you covered. You now have the opportunity to consult with Chuck Kohout and his team!

Consultations are a time in which you have the ability to sit down with Chuck and his team and have their undivided attention to help you figure out solutions to some of the problems you may have. After filling out the consultation inquiry form below, setting your date and time, and processing your payment, a team member will contact you for more information regarding your consultation needs. 


Q: What is the consultation fee?

A: The consultations are priced by the hour, starting at $200.00 an hour.

Q: What am I allowed to talk about during the consultation?

A: There is no limit to what you can talk about during the consultation as long as it falls within your paid for time frame.

Q: Why is there a three hour cap per week?

A: Due to the busy nature of Chuck’s everyday schedule, this is the time allotted per person in a singular week in order to efficiently and effectively navigate and respect Chuck and his team's time.

Q: What if I don’t want to meet in person?

A: Due to the current situation in the world today we are flexible in the way that the consultation is held. You have the option to meet with Chuck in person or virtually which you can indicate in your initial inquiry and contact with the team member that follows up.

Q: How am I going to talk about everything I need to talk about within that specific time frame?

A: In the days leading up to your consultation the team will be in contact with you in order to help you create and form a set of questions and topics that you would like to specifically cover. Chuck and the team will be briefed about you and your consultation prior to your arrival in order to navigate the time frame and the topics efficiently.

Q: Aside from the conversation, what else can I expect from a consultation?

A: We will determine what materials you need to continue into your success, if any, and work with you in order to get them to you.

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