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    Always Be Closing 

Create a successful career as

a Real Estate Investor.

We'll give you all the tools you need, and the knowledge to use them. 

200+ Successful Investing Careers Started
(And counting!)
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"Attending your class is one of the best investments I have EVER made "
- Farhan Malik

What is 

Always Be Closing

Yeah, we're the guys that actually trademarked the name

Always Be Closing LLC is a real estate education company led by Chuck Kohout, a self-educated entrepreneur with a relentless passion for real estate investment. Over the past 18 years, Always Be Closing LLC has successfully flipped over 1,000 houses, achieving remarkable results without relying on their own funds or credit. This impressive track record continues to this day.

With an unwavering commitment to sharing knowledge, Always Be Closing LLC has become a beacon of guidance in the real estate industry. Through their extensive training programs, Chuck has empowered tens of thousands of aspiring Real Estate Investors to follow in his footsteps.


Notably, Always Be Closing LLC has played a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of real estate gurus and network leaders in the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and metropolitan area.

As the visionary CEO and Founder of Always Be Closing LLC, Chuck Kohout spearheads the company's mission to educate individuals about the intricacies of real estate investing. Through their educational branch, Always Be Closing LLC endeavors to reach as many people as possible, equipping them with the essential knowledge and skills to embark on their own journey toward genuine financial freedom.

We Do Things The Right Way

Everyday more and more self proclaimed experts in 

the real estate game seek to line their pockets by offering

 the less knowledgeable, cautious half measure approaches

towards real estate investing.

Not Here

At Always Be Closing we seek to empower those with a motivation to succeed by ethically systemizing our educational

materials, and courses.

We Cultivate

We do what we do because we aren’t satisfied with the norm, 

and we won’t be satisfied until You find success.

The tools you need,
The Knowledge to use them


Any real estate investor worth their salt

knows that your mindset is the key to your

success. Get your mind right, and the money

will follow.


Become proficient in the most

efficient ways to market yourself and

generate real estate leads.

deal analysis

Recognizing whether or not a deal is even

worth your time is half the battle. Our team

specializes in structuring even the most

complicated real estate transactions.


Action is your most valuable asset!

Without it, all of this information is

useless. Don’t suffer from analysis

paralysis. Act now!


Learn how to read between the lines. After

you’re done learning from us, mocking up

and reading a program will be as easy as


closing deals

Always. Be. Closing. It's in our name!

If we don't teach you how to close a

deal, who else will?

Dave Hyson, NJ

I'm a very result oriented person. I got all this background info from courses online, but it never told me how to get started, everything changed when I started working with ABC"

Start your journey

Choose your path

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C4 Demolitions Expert

Hunger personified. That's what you are.


You’re not looking for a snack, you wanna take down the whole buffet. 


Tailor-made for ambitious entrepreneurs who crave seven-figure success, aim to expand their workforce, and yearn for our expertly crafted solutions that cater to their every need.

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C4 Trainee

Perfect for the ambitious newbie investor who is looking to get their foot in the door.

Whether you have aspirations of establishing or expanding a comprehensive acquisition and disposition enterprise, this program will cater to you effectively. It is an ideal choice for both existing business owners and individuals seeking to launch their own ventures.

Check out our community on Discord!

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