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• Simplest form of nothing down real estate investing
• Unlike other real estate investing education companies (Information marketing companies), this manual does not leave out the real nuts and bolts of how to apply these strategy in reality
• Understand the strategy and the paperwork
• Includes all of the legal documents and the closing documents you need for your deals

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About The Course

Topics Of Interest


Branding your image, leaving a lastingimpression. Understanding all the principals you need to know in order to make your phonering off the hook.

Talk to Sellers

How to make conversations with any seller or anyone easy. Creatingrapport using Chuck’s system. You don’t have to be good at making offers when you are good atletting people tell you what they want.

Follow Up

What works in your area and your market. Selling fast in a down market.Structuring deals for quick paydays and knowing your way out fast. Creative financing,Maximizing profits and setting buyers up for success! Understanding the mortgage process.

Deal Structuring

Constructing and presenting offers faster than anyone else. Beating the competition to the punch. You do not have to be the smartest guy in the market, just the fastest. Minimizing the risk!


Learn the art of arbitrage. Put simply, wholesaling is buying low, and selling high. Except in wholesaling you are not purchasing the property, but assigning your right to purchase for an assignment fee.

Buying Subject To

"Subject-To" is a way of purchasing real estate where the real estate investor takes title to the property but the existing loan stays in the name of the seller. In other words, "Subject-To" the existing financing. The investor now controls the property and makes the mortgage payments on the seller's existing mortgage. Properties can be purchased using this method with little cash and no credit. "Subject-To" is a creative real estate financing technique that all serious investors should know and understand.


A short sale is a home that is available at a purchase price that is less than the amount owed by its current owner. Learn to use it as a financial option that is sometimes available to homeowners who are distressed borrowers.

Absolute Assignment of Rights

Change Control and resell the property as the seller without triggering, slipping or seasoning. A way to wholesale properties to retail buyers.

Creative Selling Strategies

Sellers concession, down payment assistance, short term personal loan, rent to own and so much more. This just scratches the surface.

All Documents Needed For Your State

All the appropriate legal documentation broken down and then interpreted by an attorney so you know your butt is covered!

What to do with the money you made

Corporate structuring, tax planning, assetprotection, health insurance and other conundrums of being self employed. Self-directed Your IRA, making money on deals TAX-FREE for life!


United Credit Education Services. Build a whole list of qualified buyers in your area and get paid to do it.

Documentation Simplification

Director of Operations, for Chuck's house buying business. All the appropriate paperwork simplified and idiot-proofed, so even a first grader can do it!


You had a tremedous impact on me when I started. You showed me the human side of this. Kept it with me since. Use it still. Every time. I'm Raw, I'm upfront, I'm direct, I don't bullshit. I'm unscripted and it works well with people looking for straight answers.

- Mario Camino
Even the buyer's lawyer was amazed how I had covered every base to make sure I got paid. Thanks Chuck!

- VJ Mahtani
Meeting you and the Salvation Home Buyers Team set me on the path to my financial freedom. You are a great business partner and friend and most of all now you are part of my family.

- Matthew Merenoff
Your class gave me the knowledge, understanding and paperwork to complete my fifth successful short sale deal.

- Farhan Malik